HSK 1 Vocabulary Word List with Audio

Go to download HSK 1 Vocabulary Word List Words Pinyin Explanation 爱 ài   to like, to love 八 bā   eight 爸爸 bà bɑ   father 杯子 bēi zi   cup, glass 北京 běi jīnɡ  Beijing, capital of China 本 běn   a measure word for books 不 bú   no, not 不客气 bú kè qi   you are welcome, don’t […]

HSK 3 StoryBook Vol 1 – Simplified Chinese and Pinyin

HSK 3 Storybook Vol. 1 consists of 5 short stories written in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin with free audio files. The purpose of this book is to provide readers with reading materials to practice their reading skills as well as an introduction to more extended sentence structure and longer articles. The stories are based on […]