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Unveil the charm of mastering Mandarin with the HSK 2 Storybook Series, meticulously crafted to align with the HSK 2 syllabus. This collection encapsulates the essence of everyday life experiences through engaging narratives, serving as a bridge to elevate your Mandarin reading and comprehension skills. If you have learned all the HSK 2 Vocabulary and completed the Standard Course Book for HSK 2 by Jiang Liping, you would be able to read about 85% of these books without learning new words.

Here’s a sneak peek into each volume:

  • Volume 1: The first volume of this trilogy houses 10 short stories penned in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin. Accompanied by free audio files, this volume is a treasure trove of real-life narratives aimed at refining your reading skills and familiarizing you with extended sentence structures and longer articles. Completing this volume ensures a robust practice of all vocabularies and Grammar Points encompassed in HSK 2, making it an indispensable companion for HSK aspirants​.
  • Volume 2: Escalate your language mastery with 7 more intriguing stories presented in Volume 2. Like its predecessor, the stories are scripted in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin, each accompanied by free audio files to aid your auditory learning. The volume emphasizes HSK 2 vocabularies and Grammar Points, ensuring a seamless transition to complex sentence structures. The bonus? Achieving a 90% readability score if you’ve completed the Standard Course Book for HSK 2 by Jiang Liping​.
  • Volume 3: The final stride in this trilogy, Volume 3 unfolds 5 unique stories, continuing the tradition of Simplified Chinese and Pinyin with complementary audio files. The volume stays true to the essence of HSK 2 vocabularies and Grammar Points, further embellishing your Mandarin reading skills. The text-to-speech feature in the e-book version alongside free audio files adds a layer of interactive learning, making it a worthy culmination to your HSK 2 reading expedition​3​.

Each volume is more than just a book; it’s a step closer to acing the HSK 2 exam. The combination of captivating stories, interactive audio, and text-to-speech functionality, makes the HSK 2 Storybook Series a holistic learning package. Dive in, explore the narratives, and come out with a refined understanding and appreciation of the Mandarin language.

Text to speech function has been enabled for the e-book version. You may also download the audio files for free with the link and password provided on the last page of the book.

Where to Buy:

5 stars review in Amazon.com

“Great intro HSK 2”

“I feel that it’s cementing the new vocabulary much faster than flashcards (for me).”

“I like reading much more than doing flashcards because it’s like a game with many aspects, and the reward creates a cycle that motivates me to read more.”

“You NEED this!”

“The best word to describe this book up is “amazing.””

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If you are located in China or countries that block access to Google or Dropbox, please use VPN to download.

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    1. HI, the link is on back of the book. After you buy the book from one of the platforms listed below, you should be able to access the download link and password.

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