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HSK 4 Storybook Series – Chinese Graded Reader

HSK 4 Storybook Vol 1
HSK 4 Storybook Vol 2
HSK 4 Storybook Vol 3

Navigate through the compelling realm of Mandarin with the HSK 4 Storybook Trilogy, intricately tailored to the contours of the HSK 4 syllabus. This collection unfolds over three volumes, each a trove of short stories rooted in everyday scenarios, designed to foster a robust comprehension of advanced Mandarin reading. Delve deeper into the intricacies of extended sentence structures and explore lengthier articles as you journey through each volume.

If you have learned all the Vocabulary from HSK 1 to 4 and completed the Standard Course Book for HSK 1 to 4 by Jiang Liping, you would be able to read about 90% of this book without learning new words.

Here’s an insight into the trilogy:

  • Volume 1: Kickstart your advanced Mandarin expedition with 4 short stories penned in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin. This volume comes alive with free audio files and an enabled text-to-speech feature, facilitating an interactive learning experience. It’s crafted not only to hone your reading skills but also to assist in memorizing and better recalling the vocabulary and grammar points stipulated in the HSK 4 syllabus​.
  • Volume 2: Continue your voyage with another set of 4 intriguing stories in Volume 2. Similar to Volume 1, the narratives are articulated in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin, complemented with free audio files and text-to-speech functionality. This volume is designed to reinforce your understanding and retention of HSK 4 vocabularies and grammar points, ensuring a seamless transition towards mastering complex sentence structures.
  • Volume 3: The trilogy culminates with Volume 3, offering 4 more captivating stories to delve into. The continuity in providing free audio files to assist you in your learning experience. This volume aims at solidifying your grasp on HSK 4 vocabularies and grammar points, and by the end of this volume, you will have navigated through all the critical linguistic aspects of the HSK 4 syllabus​.

This trilogy transcends beyond mere reading practice; it’s a meticulously crafted journey towards achieving a commendable grasp of advanced Mandarin. The inclusion of interactive auditory resources, along with the engaging narrative, makes the HSK 4 Storybook Series an indispensable companion for every avid Mandarin learner aiming for a profound understanding and a remarkable performance in the HSK 4 examination.

Text to speech for this book has been enabled. You may also download the free audio files with the link and password provided on the last page.

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Download Sample Chapter and Audio

Audio Sample – Story 1 家人要我相亲
Audio Sample – Story 2 做生意不难

If you are located in China or countries that block access to Google or Dropbox, please use VPN to download.

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  1. Hi, in the amazing storybook series hsk 4 there is an announcement for storybooks hsk 5 vol.1 – vol. 10 which are obviously not (yet) published.
    When it can be expected to become available?

    1. Hi Herbert, thank you for your support. We will be publishing the first vol of HSK 5 in about 3-4 weeks time. Please subscribe to our newsletter (subscription link)so you will be notified when a new book is published.

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