HSK Grammar Workbook

HSK 1 to HSK 4 Grammar Workbook

These HSK Grammar Workbooks are written with only HSK Vocabulary of the respective levels. These books will help you with the Chinese sentence structure/word order.

Even as a beginner, you should start to learn about the Chinese sentence structure. Using sentences as your base gives you the benefit of learning how to speak straight away.  You will also be learning about how tones are put together in the sentence and how words interact within sentences.

Chinese language has very complicated grammar rules. There are general grammar rules followed by a long list of exceptions. Further, Chinese is a very precise language. Even when you use the same words, but in a different order, it could give a completely different meaning.

HSK Grammar Workbook will help you practise forming proper Chinese sentences with vocabulary that you are already familiar with. Even if you get a lot of sentence structure wrong in the beginning, but as you go along, you will learn from your mistakes and get better. This is definitely more fun than purely memorising the grammar rules.

The basic formation of a Chinese Sentence

  1. Subject + Verb (你去)
  2. Subject + Verb + Object (你去学校)
  3. Subject + Time + Verb + Object (你今天去学校)or  Time + Subject + Verb + Object (今天我去学校)
  4. Subject + Verb + Object + 吗 (converts the sentence to a question) (你今天去学校吗?)
  5. In a simple positive descriptive statement, a degree adverb or a complement of degree should be used. Subject + Degree + Adjective (你很漂亮).
  6. Subject + Time (when) + Location + Verb + Object (我昨天在图书馆等你) or Time (when)  + Subject + Location + Verb + Object (昨天我在图书馆等你)

These few simple rules should get you started in forming proper Chinese sentences.

Each HSK Grammar Workbook has a different set of sentences. It is advisable to start from HSK 1 and work your way up even though you may be at a level higher than HSK 1.

HSK 1 Grammar Workbook – Over 400 sentences
HSK 2 Grammar Workbook – Over 1100 sentences
HSK 3A Grammar Workbook – 923 sentences (3-5 words)
HSK 3B Grammar Workbook – 919 sentences (6 words & above)
HSK 4A Grammar Workbook – 577 sentences (5 words and above)
HSK 4B Grammar Workbook – 577 sentences (6 words & above)
HSK 4C Grammar Workbook – 578 sentences (7 words & above)

There is an online version of the Grammar exercises available.

Important Notes:
(1) Instructions on How To Answer Questions: Please arrange the Chinese words according to the English meaning. It is not the purpose of this workbook to set out exhaustively all the possible orders for a particular of a group of words. The purpose of this book is to provide you with exercises to form Chinese sentences that carry the specified English meaning from the group of words.

(2) These Workbooks do not have specific explanations on the answers simply because we don’t find repeating the above mentioned 6 rules over and over again for few hundred (or thousand) times will be productive.

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