HSK 5 Storybook – Simplified Chinese and Pinyin (10 Volumes)

Delve deep into the world of Chinese language and culture with our comprehensive HSK 5 Storybook series. Spread across 10 enriching volumes, these books are specially crafted to provide readers with the practice and skills needed to excel in the HSK 5 Syllabus.


Carefully Curated Stories: Each book contains a curated collection of short stories that span authentic depictions of daily life to sophisticated ventures into comedy, drama, thrillers, and speculative fiction.

Syllabus Compliant: As you navigate through all 10 volumes, you’ll encounter every vocabulary and grammar point from the HSK 5 Syllabus, ensuring a comprehensive reading practice.

Limited New Words: While staying true to HSK levels 1 through 5, there are instances where new words have been introduced. But fear not, if you’ve mastered the Vocabulary from HSK levels 1 to 5 and the Standard Course Book by Jiang Liping, 90% of this series will be a breeze!

Structured Layout: Each volume follows a consistent structure for ease of use:

Statistics: Provides a breakdown of words used in the story, their difficulty, new words with Pinyin, and explanations.

Story: Dive straight into the narrative, presented in Simplified Chinese without Pinyin or English translations. Challenge yourself by reading this section first!

Pinyin and Translation: A helpful section providing both Pinyin and English translations for reference.

Appendix: A dedicated section for those seeking guidance on HSK 5 Vocabulary.

Flexible Reading: Every story stands on its own, allowing you to jump between volumes and choose stories based on your interest or difficulty preference.

Audio Assistance: With text-to-speech capabilities enabled, each volume provides an immersive reading experience. For traditional learners, free audio files can be downloaded using the link and password found in the last page.

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Dive in and let the HSK 5 Storybook series be your guide to mastering the Chinese language!

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