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HSK 3 Storybook Series

HSK 3 Storybook Vol 1
HSK 3 Storybook Vol 2

HSK 3 Storybook Vol 3

Embark on an enriching journey into advanced Mandarin with the HSK 3 Storybook Series, meticulously designed to resonate with the HSK 3 syllabus. Spanning across three volumes, this series offers a bouquet of 15 engrossing stories rooted in everyday experiences, rendering a rich context to practice and refine your reading skills while delving into extended sentence structures and lengthier articles. If you have learned all the HSK 3 Vocabulary and completed the Standard Course Book for HSK 3 by Jiang Liping, you would be able to read about 90% of this book without learning new words.

The HSK 3 Storybook Series not only enhances reading skills but also aids significantly in memorizing and better recalling the HSK 3 Vocabulary and Grammar Points, making it an invaluable resource for achieving excellence in the HSK 3 examination.

Here’s a closer look at each volume:

  • Volume 1: Comprising 5 short stories encapsulated in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin, this volume serves as a gateway to advanced Mandarin reading. Accompanying free audio files and text-to-speech functionality augment the auditory learning experience, ensuring a good understanding of HSK 3 vocabularies. Finishing this volume promises a comprehensive practice of the HSK 3 vocabulary, establishing a solid groundwork for the linguistic journey ahead​.
  • Volume 2: Building upon the foundation, Volume 2 unfolds another set of 5 short stories, continuing the exploration in Simplified Chinese and Pinyin. This volume paves the way for a deeper understanding and application of complex sentence structures, enriching the Mandarin reading experience​.
  • Volume 3: The final leg of this series, Volume 3, unveils 5 more stories, adhering to the tradition of Simplified Chinese and Pinyin narrative. By the conclusion of this volume, you would have navigated through all the vocabularies and Grammar Points of the HSK 3 syllabus, reaching a pinnacle of advanced Mandarin reading proficiency.

Each volume is more than just a compilation of stories; it’s a meticulously crafted linguistic expedition, bolstering your Mandarin reading and comprehension skills to an advanced level. The amalgamation of captivating narratives, audio accompaniments, and text-to-speech functionality makes the HSK 3 Storybook Series a quintessential companion for every ambitious Mandarin learner.

Text to speech for this book has been enabled. You may also download the free audio files with the link and password provided on the last page.

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“I love the layout of these books. They’re really helping me nail down and grow my HSK vocabulary.”

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