HSK Chinese Graded Reader

You have read the standard textbooks and learnt all the HSK Vocabulary by hard. And you ask yourself, so what should you do next?

Just memorising the Chinese Vocabulary may be a good way to start learning Chinese but after a while, you will need to upgrade to read a book or short stories to test (1) your reading skills and (2) your listening skills. 

To be able to have a conversation in Chinese language, you will need to go beyond merely understanding the words. Chinese language has a very complex structure and grammar points which are unlike the English language. 

The better way to learn Chinese is to Listen, Read and Write. You can do this by reading the HSK Storybook. The HSK storybooks are Chinese Graded Readers that consist of various short stories that are written with HSK Vocabulary. The HSK Storybooks contain all the words in the HSK Vocabulary as well as all the HSK Grammar points covered in the syllabus. By reading the HSK Storybooks, you will be able to practice all the HSK Vocabulary as well as the HSK Grammar points covered in the syllabus.

All the HSK Storybooks come with free audio files in fast and slow rate. This will definitely help you with your pronunciation. In addition, there are free printable HSK Vocabulary practice writing sheets complete with stroke order. You will learn how to write all the HSK Vocabulary in no time.

The HSK Storybook series will definitely complete your Chinese language learning needs and be your best mandarin learning companion.

You can download free sample HSK Chinese stories with the links below.

HSK Storybook Series

HSK 1 Storybook Series
HSK 2 Storybook Series
HSK 3 Storybook Series
HSK 4 Storybook Series
HSK 5 Storybook Series

Chinese Sentence Structure – HSK Grammar Workbook

HSK Grammar Workbook
HSK 1 – 3 Practice Writing Sheet
HSK 4 – 6 Practice Writing Sheet

Chinese Stories for Beginners

Chinese Stories for Beginners PDF

Chinese Classics – for HSK 5 and above

Journey to the West Series
Water Margin Series
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Series
Dream of the Red Chamber Series

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