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What better way to test your knowledge than to take a few quizzes and mock exams to test your level. We have few thousand questions in our HSK Vocabulary Question Bank. You are free to practice as many times as you like.

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Chinese language is not an easy language to learn with its complicated grammar structure and different tones etc. Check out the HSK Storybooks below and download some sample HSK Storybook chapters for your reference. HSK Storybooks are written with all the HSK Vocabulary words at their respective levels and have minimum words not from the HSK Vocabulary level. The satisfaction of being able to read the entire HSK Storybook series is priceless! It is also a faster and easier (and did we mention fun?) way to familiarise yourself with all the vocabulary words. These books come with free audio files and other materials such as writing practice sheet, printable vocabulary, vocabulary audio files and more.

HSK Storybook Series

HSK 5 Storybook
HSK 1 to 3 Grammar Workbook
Chinese Sentence Structure
HSK 4 Grammar Workbook
Chinese Sentence Structure