HSK Sentence Structure Quiz

  • Rearrange the HSK words to form proper sentences.
  • The sentences consist of only HSK vocabulary of the relevant level.
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Has English translation as hint
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These Chinese Sentence Structure Exercises are also available in ebook and paperback formats.

HSK 1-3 Chinese Sentence Structure
HSK 4 Chinese Sentence Structure

Total Questions
HSK 1 Sentence Structure – 414 Questions in the bank.
HSK 2 Sentence Structure – 1137 Questions in the bank.
HSK 3 Sentence Structure – 1843 Questions in the bank

Questions at each HSK levels are not repeated in other levels (i.e HSK 1 questions will not appear in HSK 2 and vice versa). So if you find the level that you are completing is too challenging, please try the lower HSK level first.

20 to 30 random sentences from our question bank will be generated each time you take the quiz.

You will be able to keep track of your past month’s quiz results listed on the Quiz History page

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