HSK 2021 Exam Dates

The following are the HSK 2021 Exam Dates. There are 2 different forms of exam – written and online. Please check with your country’s test centres which form of exam are they offering as not all HSK test centres have the online exam. So, please plan ahead.

You may also download the HSK 2021 Exam Dates by clicking the download button below.

Best of luck in your exams!

Exam DatesWritten Exam Registration Dateline  Online Exam Registration DatelineWritten Exam ResultsOnline Exam Results
January 9th (Sat)13/12/202030/12/2020February 9thJanuary 25th
February 6th (Sat)January 10thJanuary 27thMarch 13thMarch 1st
March 7th (Sun)N/AFebruary 25thN/AMarch 22nd
March 20th (Sat)February 21stMarch 10thApril 20thApril 5th
April 10th (Sat)March 14thMarch 31stMay 17thApril 26th
May 15th (Sat)April 18thMay 5thJune 15thMay 31st
June 19th (Sat)May 23rdJune 9thJuly 19thJuly 5th
July 18th (Sun)June 21stJuly 8thAugust 18thAugust 2nd
August 22nd (Sun)July 26thAugust 12thSeptember 22ndSeptember 6th
September 11th (Sat)August 15thSeptember 1stOctober 18thSeptember 27th
October 17th (Sun)September 20thOctober 7thNovember 17thNovember 1st
November 6th (Sat)N/AOctober 27thN/ANovember 22nd
November 20th (Sat)October 24thNovember 10thDecember 20thDecember 6th
December 5th (Sun)November 8thNovember 25th5/1/2022December 20th

Change in Chinese Proficiency Standards [Update]

There has been a recent announcement on the Change in Chinese Proficiency Standards and this has caused a lot of confusion. I have been asked a number of times about my view on this, so I have updated this post to include my view on this. Please note that the information below is as of early morning China time 2nd October 2020.

With regards to whether there will be any change to HSK 1-6 syllabus or vocabulary, we have no concrete information on this yet. However, we can confirm the following:

Based on the original 6 levels, level 7-9 will be added. But there will be only one test paper for level 7-9 in every test. Which level the examinee will pass is determined by the score. The new examination is planned to be launched in the first half of next year.

Impact on Current HSK Students

  • For those who have passed HSK 6 level, you may need to decide on whether you want to sit for the higher level exam.
  • For those who have not achieved HSK 6, then there isn’t really much impact as you will still have to learn the same Chinese vocabulary for the HSK exams although the number of words and categorisation may change.
  • For those who are applying for jobs or scholarships in China, you will need to check with the respective organisations as to whether there is any change in their requirements.

Please note that there is no change to the Chinese language itself. Despite any changes to the HSK syllabus, whatever that you have learnt under the old syllabus will not go to waste. If there is any change (and again, we have no confirmation as of now that it will), the number of vocabulary that you have to know for each level will most likely be revised upwards, so in our view, it will be easier for you to learn in bite size with the current materials.

Whatever it is, please do not let this announcement derail your learning progress. We will have further information on this in due course.

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