Learning Chinese is not hard

I need to start by telling you what transpired in a conversation with a good friend of mine. Below is the gist of it: Me: You have been learning Chinese for a while right? How is it coming along?Friend: I simply don’t have the time to deep dive into the language, it is a very […]

Stuck in China due to the coronavirus travel ban

This Chinese New Year has been dampened by news from China as well as all around the world on the escalation of the coronavirus infection rate. The hike in the coronavirus infection rate may be caused by transmission from humans whom do not show any symptoms of infection. The coronavirus, was first identified in Wuhan, […]

Are You Talking About Prince Harry?

你好! So when you are waiting for the bus or train, or hanging out with your Chinese friends or colleagues, you heard them say something like: 哈里王子夫妇为何从王室“出走”? Hālǐ wángzǐ fūfù wèihé cóng wángshì “chūzǒu”? Why did Prince Harry and his wife “run away” from the royal family? …you would know they are talking about Prince […]