Free HSK Vocabulary Writing Practice Sheet

Below are sample files for HSK Vocabulary Practice Sheet with stroke order. To access files for all the HSK Vocabulary Practice Sheet, please go to the Audio Files download section.

HSK 1 Vocabulary Writing Sheet Sample (1-10)

HSK 2 Vocabulary Writing Sheet Sample (1-10)

Blank Writing Practice Sheet (2 sided)

Below are various sizes of Tian Zi Ge and Mi Zi Ge blank double sided writing sheet. For beginners, please use the large or medium sheets as they would be easier for you to practice the strokes.

HSK 1,2,3,4 Flashcards

HSK Storybook Series

HSK 1 Storybook

HSK 1 Storybook Vol 2
HSK 1 Storybook Vol 3
HSK 2 Storybook Vol 1
HSK 2 Storybook Vol 2
HSK 2 Storybook Vol 3

Chinese Stories for Beginners

Chinese Stories Book 1

Chinese Stories Book 2

Chinese Stories Book 3

Chinese Classic Literature – Intermediate

Journey to the West