FREE HSK Vocabulary List and Audio

Below are links to printable pdf copy and free audio files of the HSK Word Lists. The HSK Word Lists are free supplementary materials for HSK Storybook Series. We have provided HSK 1 Word List and HSK 2 Word List below as free download for all.

If you are located in China or countries that block access to Google or Dropbox, please use VPN to download.

HSK Vocabulary PDF Download

HSK 1 – 4 Flashcards with Audio

Below are free book samples for the relevant HSK Level storybooks.

HSK 1 Storybook Series

HSK 1 Storybook

HSK 1 Storybook Vol 2
HSK 1 Storybook Vol 3

HSK 2 Storybook Series

HSK 2 Storybook Vol 1

HSK 2 Storybook Vol 2
HSK 2 Storybook Vol 3

HSK 3 Storybook Series

HSK 3 Storybook Vol 1
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Other HSK Books

Chinese Stories for Beginners

Chinese Stories Book 1

Chinese Stories Book 2

Chinese Stories Book 3

Chinese Classical Novels – Intermediate Reading

Journey to the West

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