HSK 3 Storybook Vol 3 Audio Files

Free Audio Files below

Sometimes eBooks will add an extra “-“ when the password flow over to the 2nd line. Please remove the extra “-“ when you enter the password.

Password for all the files below is on the last page of the e-book and print book. You may download directly (you do NOT need a Dropbox/Google account) or save it to your Dropbox / Google Drive account.

Please use your desktop or laptop to download the files, some mobile phones are not compatible.

If you have a slow internet connection, you may not be able to download all the files at a go. In that case, please download a few files or 1 file at a time. You may do so by selecting the individual files.

If you are located in China, please use VPN to download the files.

More information on How to Download Audio Files or contact us if you have issues downloading the audio files.

HSK 3 Storybook Series

HSK 3 Storybook Series

HSK 3 Storybook Vol 1
HSK 3 Storybook Vol 2

HSK 3 Storybook Vol 3

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