Chinese Stories with Pinyin and English

Chinese Stories for Beginners

Learn Chinese the easiest way. Listen and Read. The layout of these books are suitable for learning Chinese in an easy way.

Free audio files available for download. The free audio files will definitely help you with the Chinese pronunciation.

Learning Chinese has never been this easy. Go ahead and download a sample of the book to experience this.

Chinese Stories for Beginners

Chinese Classics – Advanced Learner

Journey to the West Series
Water Margin Series
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Series
Dream of the Red Chamber Series

HSK 1 Storybook Series

HSK 1 Storybook

HSK 1 Storybook Vol 2
HSK 1 Storybook Vol 3

HSK 2 Storybook Series

HSK 2 Storybook Vol 1
HSK 2 Storybook Vol 2
HSK 2 Storybook Vol 3

HSK 3 Storybook Series

HSK 3 Storybook Vol 1
HSK 3 Storybook Vol 2
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