The Adventures of Xiao Liang: Great Wall of China

小亮历险记:万里长城 is a very touching story about a boy who met his Grandpa for the very first time. His Dad unexpectedly fell ill, and Xiao Liang had to spend his summer holiday in Beijing with Grandpa.

The Great Wall of China (万里长城) is located in Beijing, where Xiao Liang’s Grandpa resides. Learn a bit of Great Wall’s history as you discover how the story unfolds.

The Great Wall was declared as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. UNESCO acknowledged it as the largest man-made structure on Earth.

This book has two sections. The first section sets out the story in Simplified Chinese only. The second section sets out the story in Simplified Chinese, Pinyin and English.

This book is suitable for those who have learnt 400 words or HSK 2 level and above.

In addition to text-to-speech functionality on your ebook, you may also download the free audio files and vocabulary list with the link and password provided on the last page of the book.

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