How to Build Online Forms Quickly: Orders for Delivery 2020

As the world is going into lockdown mode in our fight against COVID-19 coronavirus, a lot of suppliers will have to adapt and change to cater for online orders and delivery. However, a lot of smaller local grocers and meat suppliers may not have an online presence. And for those that have an online presence, their website wasn’t built to handle so much traffic in a day, hence, the website gets slow or inaccessible.

Some has resorted to using Whatsapp or phone call and are overwhelmed by the volume. Asking people to queue outside of your shop goes against the orders for social distancing.

Well, I have one suggestion, which is free and easy to set up. You just need to have a free Gmail account. With that, you can set up Google Forms online which can be accessed by anyone with the link, submit their orders to you with their relevant details, and the submitted forms will be sent to you either vide email to your gmail account or you can opt for the details to be automatically populated into Google Sheet (similar to Excel).

Follow the Google guide on how to create your form.

Follow the Google guide on where to save the form

With Google Form, you can quickly set up an order form online and collect orders. Hopefully, this will help more suppliers getting to their customers.

A point to note is Google Form do not have a platform for collecting money, hence, you will still have to do that manually.

Stay safe everyone. We can do this!

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